How to Delete a Service in Windows that does not required

We usually see the services which are running in the services menu even the file is not existing in our system. Then how to remove them.. this post helps to remove the unwanted services..

1. Open the Start Menu, then type services.msc in the search box and press Enter. 

2.If any prompt click on 'YES'

3. Right click on the service that you want to delete and click on Properties.

4. Stop or Disable the service before you are going to delete.

5. Then Right click on the service name and click on Copy, then click on the Cancel button. 

6. Close the Services window. 

7.Then Open the command prompt.

8. In command prompt, type sc delete "[paste the service name you want to delete]" and press Enter.

  sc delete "Service Name"

For example: If I want to delete the service name ASYMGWNZFRW.exe, I would type the command below exactly, and press Enter.

sc delete "ASYMGWNZFRW"

9. Close the command prompt when it shows Deleteservice Success
NOTE: When you open Services again, the deleted service will no longer be existed.

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