Hide Full Drive Partition using command prompt

It is often seen that many people want to secure their 
data from other users or their friends. 

For this purpose they use different methods to hide 
their data but all these tricks are not reliable. BUT now I am telling you a secure method to hide full 
drive. You can put all your data in a drive and after applying this trick you will be able to hide full drive. Let's start the Trick

First of all logged into administrative account.

Click on start, open run and type “CMD” and press enter.

Type “diskpart” and press enter.

After few seconds diskpart utility will appear.

Now type “list volume” to show list of volume and press enter.

Select the Drive or volume that you want to hide. If you 
have four drives C,D,E,F, and you want to hide “D” drive, then type “select volume 1” and press enter. 

Now in the next step type "remove letter D" to hide this drive.

Close CMD and open My computer to check…drive D is not there…

Now if you want to show the hidden drive then type “assign Letter=d” and check

Now observe “My computer”. Drive is back now.

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