check whether your anti-virus working properly or not

 Now a days there is no one without using computers. Those who are using computers have a problem, that is virus attack.

To protect our computer from viruses we should install Antivirus. We people doesn't know how much this Antivirus protect our computer from viruses. Sometimes Antivirus will not work or it can’t identify the new viruses. If there is a situation like this, the viruses will attack your important data.

So let us check whether your computer’s antivirus works properly or not.

How to check whether the Antivirus works or doesn't work?

Open a Notepad and copy the following code.


Save it as fake-virus.exe

If your Antivirus works properly, the file you saved will be identified as virus and it will be deleted by your Antivirus. If your antivirus doesn't work properly, the file you saved will not be identified as virus.
Therefore, if your file get deleted you can know that your antivirus works without any trouble.