Access Blocked Websites using Proxy Servers

There may be times when you might want to use an anonymous free proxy server so you can safely surf the net without your information being available to hackers, spammers and scammers…. or anyone else, for that matter!
Web proxies are used for hiding your IP address and by-passing work, school or other web filters. For instance, if Facebook or Myspace is blocked on the computer you are using, you can easily gain access by using a web proxy.
HideMyAss – Free and speedy proxy service. Use it to hide your IP address and get through network filters. HideMyAss is part of a Privax proxy network, so if it’s blocked, there are several others you give a try. There is nothing to configure, just type-in the address of the website you want to visit and press ‘Go’.
h1   Access Blocked Websites using Proxy Servers – Extensive directory of free proxy servers. There are well over 15,000 Proxy Servers on the Web. As of this writing, claims to have 4,718 working proxies available for you to choose from, so that might be a pretty good place to start.
proxy org   Access Blocked Websites using Proxy Servers
GlobalPandora – Finally, free and simple way to access a US-only Pandora interactive web radio from outside US. If you haven’t tried it before, give it a try now.

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