How to speed up windows using ReadyBoost

Hello guys today's post is about how to increase the speed of the windows

using ReadyBoost.

1. Ready boost is the option available in windows that allows you to use

 memory of a flash drive, SD card as a cache memory to boost your

system performance. Whenever you connect any flash drive or memory 

card to your computer, you will see an AutoPlay options like this..

2. From the General options click on "Speed up my system". Then
your ReadyBoost properties will open

3. Select option "Use this Device" and choose how much MB do you 

want to allocate for Readyboost, Here i am reserving 4094MB free

space from my flash drive for ReadyBoost. Then click on OK.

4. After clicking on OK you will see separate wizard of "ReadyBoost

is configuring your cache"

5. After configuring your 4Gb of data is used by the system as a cache

memory. As a result Speed and Performance of the system increases.

How to Remove Readyboost from your Flash drive:

1. To remove Readyboost select the option "Do not use this device" and

click on OK

2. After configuring you will again see 4Gb of free space on your flash drive..

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