Information Gathering using DNSDICT6 in kali

Intro – dnsdict6 is a information gathering tool which is use for gathering information from a website. Dnsdict6 can scan a website and as result it can show you how many sub-domain or domain are available and it also scan ipv6/ipv4 address. This tool is quite a powerful tool because it also extracts those sub domains which are restricted or invisible for users.  Overall this is a nice tool for gathering information from a website.

1.Open Dnsdict6

         1st method for opening dnsdict6 go to Application → Kali linux → Information Gathering → DNS Analysis → dnsdict6 . This is called GUI method 

          2nd method  for opening dnsdict6 open terminal and type dnsdict6 and hit enter kindly read all commands. This will make your target search more easy.

2. now type dnsdict6 domain name I am showing you in two part of image becoz in full image is not possible to post.
    For ex :- dnsdict6 (This will extract sub-domains of Google with their IPv4 and IPv6 information)

3. check one more command type dnsdict6 –d -4  ( domain name). Here -d is used to display information on Name Servers and MX Records and -4 is used to dump IPv4 addresses. 


  1. what is the use of -s option and what is threads also explain the working of threads?


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