Hiding the files behind the text document

Hello guys Previously i have shown you how to hide files in images. Today i will tell you how to create a hidden file binding to a text file.. Let's start

1.Make sure the C:\ drive is formatted for NTFS.

2. Create a folder called magic on the C:\ drive

3.Then go to C:\magic and type notepad readme.txt and press Enter. Click Yes button when prompted to create a new readme.txt file

4.Type Anything you wish and Save the file

5.Then copy calc.exe from c:\windows\system32\calc.exe to c:\magic\

6.After copying calc.exe.. type this command "type C:\magic\calc.exe > C:\magic\readme.txt:calc.exe" 

7.After successful execution create a backlink to the hidden file by typing mklink munnagk.exe readme.txt:calc.exe

8. Now just type munnagk and press Enter... you will notice that calculator will run..

I hope you learnt a new technique to hide the files. There are lot of methods to hide the files using the command prompt among those it is bit easy to learn..

Please comment if you have any doubts

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