Dmitry Backtrack Tutorial Information Gathering

Dmitry is a free source, using the C language with the ability to gather a lot of information about the host.Created by James Greig.
Backtrack–>Information Gathering–>Network Analys–>Route Analys–>Dmitry
The options used to run Dmitry

Gathering Inet-Whois

-w Option
Whois lookup on host target.

-s Option
subdomain search in which more specific targets using multiple search engines to try to form a sub subdomain Locate the target here is not set limits sub-domain level that can be allocated a maximum string length of 40 characters (NCOL40), within the limit of memory usage.

-e option
Pencarian E-mail Address:

-f option
TCP Portscan in host.

-f Option
-f option can only display the ports on the filter, to let her baypass we add the option “-p”

-b Option
This option is because TCP Port Scan module outputs the banner, if he accepts scanning TCP ports

set the time to live (TTL) in portscan when scanning individual ports. defaulnya set to 2 seconds .. if we do the scanning on a firewall host and port in the filter when it will slow down.

create ASCII text output for the previous save