How to Block Ports in Windows 7

Windows 7 has in-built special features for blocking specific ports for domains and other networks. If you are willing to block specific ports on your computer then you can do it simply, just by following the step by step procedure written below.
Through this method you can also block all webpages and other network. If you want to block all webpages then you need to block port 80 on your computer.
Steps for blocking ports in Windows 7 are listed below:
1. Go to Run (Win +R) and type “Firewall.cpl”

Run Dialog Box
2. Click on Advanced Settings option present on left panel.

Advance Settings for windows firewall
3. A new window displays showing you rules for your connections.
4. Select Inbounded Rules in the left column of the Windows Firewall with Advance Security Windows.

Inbounded Rules
5. Click on “New rule”.
6. In the “New Inbound Rule Wizard”, select port and click on next.
New Inbound Rule Wizard
New Inbound Rule Wizard
7. Now, select the port type and enter the port number, which you want to block and click on next.
8. Select Block the Connection and click on next.
Block the Connection
Block the Connection
9. Now, specify the profiles for which this rules applies and click on next.
Specify the Profiles for the rules
Specify the Profiles for the rules
10. On the next window give the name of the rule and click on Finish to add the new rule.
This is how we can block ports on windows 7 without using third party tools. If you want to access the blocked port then you can simply access them by removing the specific rules from the list.
[Note: If you block port 80, then all webpages will be blocked.]


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