simple trick to hide files in an image file

Previously i have shown you how to create a invisible folder. Today i am going to show you how to hide different types of files behind the images. To perform this task we need Winzip/Winrar installed in our system. After installing Winrar lwts start our trick to hide

1. Create a folder on C drive and paste all the files you want to hide. Here I have four different files  

2. Now select all the files you want to hide and right click on them and Select Add to “Hide.rar”. 

3.After compressing you will see a rar file naming Hide

4. Now lets paste an image in which you want to hide the rar file. Here I am using the image LightHouse.jpg 

Note:Place an image in the same location where the zip file is stored.

5. Now open command prompt in that directory where the files are stored..

6.Now  In the Command prompt type :

copy /b Lighthouse.jpg + Hide.rar  Lighthouse.jpg
Press Enter .

7.That's it. Now your image file will have been updated with the compressed archive inside.

How to access your hidden files..

1. You can access your hidden files by right-clicking on the JPG image and choose Open With WinRAR. 

2. After clicking on winrar you will see all your hidden files.It’s great way to hide your files in a JPG image