Creating an invisible folder in windows 7

Step 1

Right Click and select “New Folder”

Step 2

Now Rename the fodler. Press and hold “ALT” key then type “0160” using the number pad. Then release the “ALT” key . or else in start menu search for charactermap and there u select white space and copy it and paste as a folder name.

Now see that the folder has no name or a blank character for the name.

Now lets remove the icon of the folder.
Step 3

Right click on the folder and select Properties

Step 4

Select the Customize tab then press the Change Icon button

Step 5

Now scroll to the left and select the blank icon.

Press OK to save all the changes. Now the folder has no name and icon

Step 6 (optional)

Now making the folder hidden will make the folder with no name and icon invisible Right click on the folder selectProperties.

And then to hide the folder check the Hidden option